Benefits Overview

    CarePlus delivers total satisfaction to you and your employees!

    Our mission is to continually provide our clients with unmatched dental benefits while delivering the highest-quality dental care. With CarePlus Dental Plans, you can reduce your current group dental plan costs significantly.

    Read below to learn the many benefits of partnering with CarePlus Dental Plans.

    Three primary benefits of partnering with CarePlus

    1. We are uniquely positioned to provide more substantial dental benefits at a lower cost.
    2. By including specialty dental services like orthodontics in our coverage, we have the ability to customize plans to fit the specific needs of your employees.
    3. CarePlus will handle all plan administration for your organization, from enrollment through claims processing.

    Great benefits lead to happy employees!

    • CarePlus Dental Plans enables employers to provide state-of-the-art dental care to employees and their families at a reduced cost.
    • By doing so, employers benefit by having healthier, happier, and more productive employees.
    • By providing dental benefits, your organization will experience increased employee loyalty, reduced turnover, and enhance the recruitment of key prospective hires.

    CarePlus Value Proposition

    Through our partnership with Dental Associates, we control costs for our subscribers by serving as the provider of the dental plan benefit as well as all dental services. This results in total satisfaction for you and your employees.

    CarePlus Differentiators

    Differentiators Benefits
    Exclusive Provider of Insurance Benefits & Dental Services Lower Dental Benefits Costs – Significant Savings
    Complete Administration – We Handle All Paperwork and Claims No Customer Administration – Eliminates all Administrative Costs, Saving Time and Money
    Team Dentistry from One Provider (Dental Associates) – Complete Ownership of all Services Saves Time – Significantly Lowers Costs of Participation
    Dental Associates Offers All Specialty Dental Services Eliminates Outsider Referrals – No Employee Time Wasted Visiting a Different Provider
    Quality of Care Throughout 97% Retention of CarePlus Subscribers over last 7 years*

    * Retention rate calculated on a year-to-year comparison of plan enrollees.

    A Trusted DHMO Plan

    A true testament of the CarePlus experience is the longevity of our managed care accounts. Fact is, our annual DHMO retention rate is 93% and our clients have been with us for an average of 17 years. 

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