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    Video Transcript

    What is CarePlus dental insurance?
    CarePlus Dental Plans is a dental insurance company for people with dental insurance, and those without dental insurance.

    How can CarePlus insurance help me save on dental coverage?
    If you don’t have dental insurance CarePlus can save you up to 60% on restorative dental expenses.

    If you do have dental insurance CarePlus could reduce the amount you have to pay out of pocket up to 20% and CarePlus annual premiums are so low that they typically pay for themselves in just one visit – that’s how low they are!

    This sounds great! Are there other benefits?
    Absolutely! There are no waiting periods and no pre-existing conditions clauses, no additional claim forms to fill out, and no waiting for reimbursement…your savings are immediate!

    How can I get CarePlus?
    Start the enrollment process online or stop by or call any of the Dental Associates clinics in Wisconsin. It’s that easy!

    Wait...who is Dental Associates?
    Dental Associates is Wisconsin’s highly respected family-owned Dental Group Practice and the preferred provider of covered dental services with CarePlus. They’re an oral health care provider with qualified dentists and specialists on staff in each location, many board certified.

    So, in review...
    In most cases, CarePlus can save you money whether you have insurance or not.

    It’s easy to sign up for CarePlus online, by phone, or in a clinic. Pay your annual premium and save up to 60% on your restorative dental care expenses!


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