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    A healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthier body!

    We’re glad you chose CarePlus for your dental insurance plan! Since Dental Associates is the principal provider of CarePlus Dental Plans, we’re pleased to share with you important health and wellness information from Wisconsin’s leader in oral health care. In between your appointments, learn how to further improve your dental health by reading Dental Associates’ extensive collection of helpful content.

    Dental Associates’ Word of Mouth Blog

    With 15 clinics, over 90 dentists, and hundreds of hygienists and assistants, Dental Associates is the largest family-owned group dental practice in Wisconsin. As leaders in the health care industry, their dentists, hygienists, and clinic staff regularly contribute to their “Word of Mouth” blog. Here you’ll read the latest in dental news, updates to technology, explanations about common dental procedures, and find answers to your dental questions.

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    Dental Associates’ Dental Topics Encyclopedia

    Read Dental Associates’ collection of dental terms and oral health information. You can search for the information you have questions about, or become a dental expert by reading topics you’ve never heard of before! Dental Associates regularly adds new content to their dental topics list, so check back often!

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