Root Canal Insurance

    Save up to 20% on root canals with CarePlus Dental Plans.

    Thanks to modern techniques, root canal therapy is now virtually painless. And with root canal insurance from CarePlus Dental Plans, it can be painless for your wallet too.

    Coverage from CarePlus may work with your existing dental insurance to save you a percentage of the out-of-pocket fees for a root canal procedure. (No dental insurance? No problem! See the table below for your savings!) With one low annual premium and no limits on benefits you can use, CarePlus Dental Plans offers affordable root canal insurance to help you eliminate any pain or discomfort.

    In some cases, existing dental insurance will cover 80% of a root canal procedure’s cost. CarePlus Diamond insurance may cover the remaining 20%, making the procedure completely free for you!*

    *Each individual case differs. Please contact our CarePlus dental insurance representatives with any questions, and share your current insurance information for more accurate details.

    Total Coverage

    CarePlus not only covers a portion of the root canal procedure, but it also covers general dentistry needs. This allows you to get the same general dentistry treatment and specialty care all through Dental Associates.

    Year-Round Insurance Coverage

    Root Canal insurance from CarePlus covers more than just the procedure itself. With your annual premium, you can have peace of mind that you’ll receive coverage for the dental care you need year-round. (You may need to purchase more than one year depending on the length of your treatment)

    CarePlus Dental Plans provide you and your family access to high-quality dental care at affordable prices with reduced out-of-pocket expenses. CarePlus Dental Plans are available exclusively at Dental Associates’ Wisconsin clinics. From general dentistry to crowns and bridges, root canals to oral surgery, Dental Associates provides complete care, and your Care Plus dental insurance will provide comprehensive coverage.

    Root Canal Insurance Savings

    CarePlus offers a variety of plans providing root canal coverage. See the chart below to select the plan that’s right for you.

    Your Current Situation CarePlus Plan Savings with CarePlus
    "I have dental insurance but want to pay less out-of-pocket" OR "I don’t have dental insurance and want an affordable dental plan" Dental Associates Diamond 20%
    "I don’t have dental insurance and I want a comprehensive and robust dental insurance plan" Dental Associates Platinum 20%

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    For more information about CarePlus dental insurance and which plan is right for you, visit the Find Your Plan page or call toll-free 1-800-318-7007.