About CarePlus Dental Plans

    Our dental insurance saves you money on each trip to the dentist.

    CarePlus dental insurance is available at each of the convenient, full-service Dental Associates clinics throughout Wisconsin. Read on to learn about the comprehensive, high-quality dental plans we offer individuals, families, and employers.

    For Individuals…

    CarePlus dental insurance makes high-quality dental care accessible and affordable for those with and without dental coverage. We have plan options that cover virtually any person looking for quality, low-cost dental insurance, including…

    • Individuals who have dental insurance but want to pay less out-of-pocket with a supplemental dental insurance plan
    • Individual without dental insurance that want an affordable dental plan
    • Individuals that don’t have dental insurance, seeking a comprehensive and robust dental plan

    You’ll no longer have to worry about out-of-pocket dental expenses. For more information about CarePlus and which plan is right for you, visit our Find Your Plan page or call 800-318-7007 to learn how you can enjoy low-cost dental insurance through CarePlus.

    For Employers…

    We offer CarePlus to employers who are seeking high-quality dental care for their employees while keeping the cost of dental insurance plans affordable. Read our Employers Benefits Overview page to learn how we can significantly reduce costs for group dental plans.

    For Brokers…

    We deliver you and your client a dental plan that sets itself apart with cost savings and ease of administration. Read our Brokers Benefits Overview page to learn more.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to continually provide individuals and businesses with exceptional dental benefits while delivering the highest-quality dental care.

    Our History

    Chartered in 1983, CarePlus Dental Plans, Inc. is a non-profit Limited Service Health Organization (LSHO) licensed and regulated by the State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

    Dental Associates, a leading provider of quality dental care in eastern Wisconsin, is the exclusive provider to CarePlus Dental Plans, Inc.

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