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    CarePlus offers complete dental coverage for your employees coupled with excellent support and account assistance for you. Look no further for the most comprehensive and cost-effective group dental benefits plan. Watch this short video to learn why CarePlus is the right choice for your company, then request a quote today!

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    Video Transcript

    There are many ways CarePlus Dental Plans helps your company save on dental coverage while providing your employees the greatest dental care possible.

    What makes CarePlus Dental Plans better for your employees?

    • There is no waiting period on any covered services and they pay no deductible.
    • Cleanings & exams do not count toward their annual maximum on most accounts.
    • Our rich orthodontia coverage just got better! Dollars available under orthodontia rider with a lifetime maximum can now be fully applied to clear aligners – the modern alternative to metal braces.
    • Our exclusive network provider Dental Associates shares results of patient satisfaction surveys of each doctor on their website for each of their Wisconsin clinics, including videos of each dentist so employees can find someone they feel comfortable with.
    • Dental Associates is an accredited healthcare organization, so you can feel comfortable that your employees are getting the care they need that will assure their oral health and reduce time lost to dental emergencies.
    • Every dental specialty, from family dentistry to braces and oral surgery, is offered by Dental Associates, eliminating referrals to specialists like Orthodontists or oral surgeons for wisdom teeth removal.
    • Best of all, your employees will receive a FREE electric toothbrush after their first visit!

    Why does CarePlus Dental Plans make sense for your company?

    • We will customize your dental plan specifically for your needs, making sure you’re only providing the coverage that fits the uniqueness of your company.
    • We provide support like no other; from taking care of all the plan administration, saving you time and resources, to helping out at open enrollment events.
    • Rate stability: over half of our groups received no rate increase last year.
    • We now offer “whole head” coverage, thanks to a relationship with Superior Vision and a substantial hearing aid discount.

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