Dental Associates Platinum Plan
    “I don’t have dental insurance and I want a comprehensive and robust plan.”

    Get to know the benefits of the Dental Associates Platinum dental insurance plan!

    Dental Associates Platinum is an affordable dental plan for anyone who does not have any other dental coverage. Platinum helps reduce out-of-pocket dental costs significantly. It has a higher annual premium than other CarePlus plans but provides more comprehensive coverage for you and your family.

    With Dental Associates Platinum, you’ll save up to 60% on dental procedures, and your regular cleanings and exams will be covered at 100%.

    Benefits of Dental Associates Platinum:
    • 10-day, risk-free “Right to Cancel”
    • No waiting period
    • No pre-existing clauses
    • Cosmetic treatment (whitening, implants)

    Dental Associates Platinum Annual Premiums

    Single $378 / year
    Individual + One $687 / year
    Family $999 / year
    This will provide coverage for a period of (12) twelve months from the effective date of the contract. Upon application approval by CarePlus, you may start receiving benefits immediately.

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    Dental Associates Platinum Dental Insurance Savings

    The chart below displays an example of how Dental Associates Platinum works to decrease your out-of-pocket expenses for dental services.
    Examples of Procedures Approx. U&C Fee* 2023 Platinum Member Pays 2023 You Save
    Adult New Patient
    Oral Exam, X-rays, Cleaning
    $455.00 $0 100%
    Periodic Exam
    $67.00 $0 100%
    Preventive (Adult)
    Teeth Cleaning
    $110.00 $0 100%
    Amalgam, 2 Surface
    $219.00 $88 60%
    $1,377.00 $963.90 30%
    Prosthodontics (Fixed)
    Fixed Bridgework (Ceramic, Per Unit)
    $1,377.00 $963.90 30%

    Prosthodontics (Removable)
    Full Dentures (Each)








    Oral Surgery**
    Surgical Removal of Erupted Tooth
    $392.00 $313.60 20%
    Root Canal Anterior Tooth
    $1099.00 $879.20 20%
    Treatment for Diseases of Gums (Surgery/Quadrant)
    $1,375.00 $1,100.00 20%
    Dental Implants & Cosmetic Dentistry     20%
    All additional dental services not listed above which are performed by a dentist.     20%
    * Usual & Customary Fee is the fee charged by professionals of similar training and experience in a given geographical area. Fees are subject to review and adjustment annually.
    ** Does not duplicate medical coverage.
    ***Maximum benefit per 12 months is not to exceed $1,500.

    Dental Associates Platinum Exclusions and Limitations

    Dental Insurance Plan Comparison

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    Questions About the Dental Associates Platinum Dental Plan?

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